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pal::Problem Class Reference

Represent a problem. More...

#include <problem.h>

Public Member Functions

 Problem ()
 ~Problem ()
void chain_search ()
 Test with very-large scale neighborhood. More...
double compute_feature_cost (SubPart *part, int feat_id, int label_id, int *nbOverlap)
double compute_subsolution_cost (SubPart *part, int *s, int *nbOverlap)
LabelPositiongetFeatureCandidate (int fi, int ci)
int getFeatureCandidateCount (int i)
int getNumFeatures ()
std::list< LabelPosition * > * getSolution (bool returnInactive)
PalStatgetStats ()
void init_sol_empty ()
 Basic initial solution : every feature to -1. More...
void init_sol_falp ()
void initialization ()
void popmusic ()
 popmusic framework More...
double popmusic_chain (SubPart *part)
 POPMUSIC, chain. More...
double popmusic_tabu (SubPart *part)
double popmusic_tabu_chain (SubPart *part)
 POPMUSIC, Tabu search with chain'. More...
void reduce ()
SubPartsubPart (int r, int featseed, int *isIn)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool compareLabelArea (pal::LabelPosition *l1, pal::LabelPosition *l2)


class Pal

Detailed Description

Represent a problem.

Definition at line 92 of file problem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pal::Problem::Problem ( )

Definition at line 65 of file problem.cpp.

pal::Problem::~Problem ( )

Definition at line 80 of file problem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void pal::Problem::chain_search ( )

Test with very-large scale neighborhood.

Definition at line 2462 of file problem.cpp.

bool pal::Problem::compareLabelArea ( pal::LabelPosition l1,
pal::LabelPosition l2 

Definition at line 2620 of file problem.cpp.

double pal::Problem::compute_feature_cost ( SubPart part,
int  feat_id,
int  label_id,
int *  nbOverlap 

Definition at line 744 of file problem.cpp.

double pal::Problem::compute_subsolution_cost ( SubPart part,
int *  s,
int *  nbOverlap 

Definition at line 781 of file problem.cpp.

LabelPosition* pal::Problem::getFeatureCandidate ( int  fi,
int  ci 

Definition at line 110 of file problem.h.

int pal::Problem::getFeatureCandidateCount ( int  i)

Definition at line 108 of file problem.h.

int pal::Problem::getNumFeatures ( )

Definition at line 106 of file problem.h.

std::list< LabelPosition * > * pal::Problem::getSolution ( bool  returnInactive)

Definition at line 2625 of file problem.cpp.

PalStat * pal::Problem::getStats ( )

Definition at line 2659 of file problem.cpp.

void pal::Problem::init_sol_empty ( )

Basic initial solution : every feature to -1.

Definition at line 222 of file problem.cpp.

void pal::Problem::init_sol_falp ( )

Definition at line 307 of file problem.cpp.

void pal::Problem::initialization ( )
void pal::Problem::popmusic ( )

popmusic framework

Definition at line 423 of file problem.cpp.

double pal::Problem::popmusic_chain ( SubPart part)

POPMUSIC, chain.

Definition at line 1956 of file problem.cpp.

double pal::Problem::popmusic_tabu ( SubPart part)

Definition at line 900 of file problem.cpp.

double pal::Problem::popmusic_tabu_chain ( SubPart part)

POPMUSIC, Tabu search with chain'.

Definition at line 2107 of file problem.cpp.

void pal::Problem::reduce ( )

Definition at line 152 of file problem.cpp.

SubPart * pal::Problem::subPart ( int  r,
int  featseed,
int *  isIn 

Definition at line 663 of file problem.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Pal

Definition at line 95 of file problem.h.

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