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QgsGraphDirector Class Referenceabstract

Determine making the graph. More...

#include <qgsgraphdirector.h>

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void buildProgress (int, int) const
void buildMessage (QString) const

Public Member Functions

virtual ~QgsGraphDirector ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void makeGraph (QgsGraphBuilderInterface *builder, const QVector< QgsPoint > &additionalPoints, QVector< QgsPoint > &tiedPoints) const
 Make a graph using RgGraphBuilder. More...
void addProperter (QgsArcProperter *prop)
virtual QString name () const =0
 return Director name More...

Protected Attributes

QList< QgsArcProperter * > mProperterList

Detailed Description

Determine making the graph.

QgsGraphBuilder and QgsGraphDirector is a builder patter.

Definition at line 35 of file qgsgraphdirector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual QgsGraphDirector::~QgsGraphDirector ( )


Definition at line 45 of file qgsgraphdirector.h.

Member Function Documentation

void QgsGraphDirector::addProperter ( QgsArcProperter prop)

Definition at line 67 of file qgsgraphdirector.h.

void QgsGraphDirector::buildMessage ( QString  ) const
void QgsGraphDirector::buildProgress ( int  ,
) const
virtual void QgsGraphDirector::makeGraph ( QgsGraphBuilderInterface builder,
const QVector< QgsPoint > &  additionalPoints,
QVector< QgsPoint > &  tiedPoints 
) const

Make a graph using RgGraphBuilder.

builderThe graph builder
additionalPointsVector of points that must be tied to the graph
tiedPointsVector of tied points
if tiedPoints[i]==QgsPoint(0.0,0.0) then tied failed.

Reimplemented in QgsLineVectorLayerDirector.

Definition at line 58 of file qgsgraphdirector.h.

virtual QString QgsGraphDirector::name ( ) const
pure virtual

return Director name

Implemented in QgsLineVectorLayerDirector.

Member Data Documentation

QList<QgsArcProperter*> QgsGraphDirector::mProperterList

Definition at line 78 of file qgsgraphdirector.h.

Referenced by QgsLineVectorLayerDirector::makeGraph().

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