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QgsErrorItem Class Reference

Data item that can be used to report problems (e.g. More...

#include <qgsdataitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsErrorItem:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsErrorItem (QgsDataItem *parent, QString error, QString path)
 ~QgsErrorItem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
 QgsDataItem (QgsDataItem::Type type, QgsDataItem *parent, QString name, QString path)
virtual ~QgsDataItem ()
virtual bool acceptDrop ()
virtual QList< QAction * > actions ()
virtual void addChildItem (QgsDataItem *child, bool refresh=false)
capabilities ()
virtual Capabilities capabilities2 () const
QVector< QgsDataItem * > children () const
virtual QVector< QgsDataItem * > createChildren ()
virtual void deleteChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
virtual void depopulate ()
 Remove children recursively and set as not populated. More...
virtual bool equal (const QgsDataItem *other)
virtual bool handleDrop (const QMimeData *, Qt::DropAction)
bool hasChildren ()
virtual QIcon icon ()
bool isPopulated ()
QString name () const
virtual QWidget * paramWidget ()
QgsDataItemparent () const
QString path () const
virtual void populate ()
virtual void populate (QVector< QgsDataItem * > children)
virtual void refresh ()
virtual void refresh (QVector< QgsDataItem * > children)
virtual QgsDataItemremoveChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
int rowCount ()
virtual void setCapabilities (Capabilities capabilities)
virtual bool setCrs (QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem crs)
void setIcon (QIcon icon)
void setIconName (const QString &iconName)
void setParent (QgsDataItem *parent)
void setPath (const QString &path)
void setPopulated ()
 Set as populated without populating. More...
void setToolTip (QString msg)
QString toolTip () const
Type type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsDataItem
enum  Capability { NoCapabilities = 0, SetCrs = 1 << 0, Fertile = 1 << 1, Fast = 1 << 2 }
enum  Type {
  Collection, Directory, Layer, Error,
- Public Slots inherited from QgsDataItem
void emitBeginInsertItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void emitBeginRemoveItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void emitEndInsertItems ()
void emitEndRemoveItems ()
- Signals inherited from QgsDataItem
void beginInsertItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void beginRemoveItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void endInsertItems ()
void endRemoveItems ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
static int findItem (QVector< QgsDataItem * > items, QgsDataItem *item)
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsDataItem
Capabilities mCapabilities
QVector< QgsDataItem * > mChildren
QIcon mIcon
QString mIconName
QString mName
QString mPath
bool mPopulated
QString mToolTip
Type mType
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from QgsDataItem
static QMap< QString, QIcon > mIconMap = QMap<QString, QIcon>()

Detailed Description

Data item that can be used to report problems (e.g.

network error)

Definition at line 291 of file qgsdataitem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsErrorItem::QgsErrorItem ( QgsDataItem parent,
QString  error,
QString  path 

Definition at line 760 of file qgsdataitem.cpp.

QgsErrorItem::~QgsErrorItem ( )

Definition at line 768 of file qgsdataitem.cpp.

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