Checklist for QGIS Release 2.0

Key Dates

  • 1 April 2013 - Feature freeze - no new features in master.

  • 15 April 2013 - API Freeze - no changes to API except where it is in direct response to broken functionality.

  • 30 April - GUI Freeze and String freeze - no changes to ui or strings except where required for critical bug fixes. Call for translations.

  • 1 June 2013 - Branch 2.0, code freeze (except for packaging related changes), call for packaging.

  • 7 June 2013 - Public release of 2.0


  • Symbology overhaul

  • Labelling overhaul

  • New web site and docs

  • SEXTANTE integration

  • Interface cleanup and consistency

  • 外掛程式移動

  • Merge new_vector_api branch


  • 檢核框未檢核 Small enhancements and bug fixes can continue in trunk

  • 檢核框未檢核 Set date for next release about two months into the future.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Discuss with PSC & Developers which features should be merged into release (in future this will be trunk).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update the splash screen (minor and major releases!)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update top level CMakeLists.txt with release name and version

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update the About -> authors panel with a more recent hackfest image

  • 檢核框未檢核 Check that the QGIS icon 64x64 has master text removed.

Three weeks before - feature freeze Date here

  • 檢核框未檢核 Only bug fixes go into trunk from here forward, no new features.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Complete merge of new features.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Call for document managers to update docs based on new features in Git.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Check for changes in project file structure that needs to be handled.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Release team start writing press releases, making screenshots etc.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Add link to visual changelog here.

Two weeks before - string freeze - Date here

  • Bug fixes can continue in trunk but no more strings can be changed. Note: the intent here is not for translators to start translating now, but to finalise their work.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Ensure any new contributors have been added to AUTHORS along with their mugshot if available (reserved for SVN committers)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Ensure any new contributors have been added to CONTRIBUTORS (reserved for non GIT committers)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Ensure any new sponsors have been added to SPONSORS

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update the ChangeLog with a list of changes implemented in this release (complete changelog section below)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update index.html to reflect what's new, requirements, and documentation (see current index.html in ./doc of the source tree)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update the whatsNew string in qgisapp.cpp to reflect changes (used to display in about box)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Check that INSTALL.t2t install docs are up to date

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update index.html to reflect GRASS and related lib versions in the win build (see current index.html in ./doc of the source tree)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Check that cmake is deploying all headers required to build apps using libqgis_*

  • 檢核框未檢核 Apply any pending patches or mark them for a future release in the tracker (see bug tracker section below)

  • 檢核框未檢核 Apply fixes for any pending bugs or mark them against a future milestone (see bug tracker section below)

  • 檢核框未檢核 String freeze announcement for UI

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update and commit ts files using scripts/ (GUI Translation Team Lead) after announcement above

  • 檢核框未檢核 Call for translators to update translations and submit their ts files (see pro-forma email below) GUI Translation Team Lead

One week before - branch & call for packaging Date here

  • 檢核框未檢核 No bug fixes, string changes etc. allowed in branch, only packaging related changes.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Ensure all submitted translation updates have been applied (GUI Translation Team Lead).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Make source tarball before call for packaging (see notes below).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Branch GIT and call for packaging (see branching notes below) and record revision here: XXXXXX

  • 檢核框未檢核 Edit and set @dch -v 2.0.0@ to the apropriate version number.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Update the NSIS installer (win_build/qgis.nsis) to reflect the correct version.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Release team prepare press releases in various formats in anticipation of release (don't publish yet).

發布當天 - 日期

  • 檢核框未檢核 Close off release branch and announce release to the world. Date is dependent on package readiness.

  • 檢核框未檢核 Tag the branch as final release (see tag section below).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Make tag and branch read only (see notes below).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Note the GIT revision hash for the tagged release here:


  • 檢核框未檢核 Generate API documentation and upload to download area (using doxygen).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Upload release packages to download area (see checklist at the top of this page).

  • 檢核框未檢核 Release team announce to press and make packages available.

Packaging Team

Tim Sutton

tim at

Release Manager

Jürgen E. Fischer

jef at

Ubuntu Packages

Jürgen E. Fischer / Tim Sutton

jef at / tim at

Windows packaging

Otto Dassau

otto.dassau at

openSUSE Packaging


kyngchaos at

OSX Frameworks Build and OSX all in one bundle

Niccolo Rigacci

qgis at

Debian Lenny

Volker Fröhlich

volker27 at

Fedora packaging

BABA Yoshihiko

babayoshihiko at

OSX via Fink

Antonio Chay

antonio.chay at

CentOS 5.x

Jeremy Spykerman

jeremy.spykerman at

Jim Hammack

hammack AT

Slackware 13.0

Tim Sutton

tim at

Source @

Packages should be uploaded to into the appropriate subdirs under /var/www/downloads

After each package is uploaded, an entry should be created for it on the wiki page at

Post Release

Call for translators email

When translations call is made, an email based on the template below should be sent out to encourage translators to get there work submitted.:

Hi All (and especially translators)

As of today please note that we are entering string freeze for the run up
to the next release. If you are committing bug fixes please avoid changing
any strings. Translation .ts files have been updated in SVN so please
update your local svn checkouts. The period for translations will close
MMMM-DD-YYYY (i.e. about one week from now) and then we will be branching
for release. Any translations submitted to us after that time will only be
included in the next release, so please submit what you have by then even
if it is not complete.

As always you can track the release plans via the checklist at:

If you have any questions about the translation process, please see the
following page which includes instructions on how to generate a .ts file
for a new locale.

Many thanks to all the translators out there for the great work you do!

 P.S.: The list of Translation Progress is here

Branching and Tagging Details

Branch the release using syntax below (update this with the actual commands you used to branch).:

git branch release-2_0
git push origin release-2_0

Tag the release using a signed tag:

git tag -s final-2_0_0 -m "Version 2.0.0"
git push origin final-2.0.0


All bugs that are intended to have been fixed in this release should have been marked as closed. All other bugs on the release branch should be marked for a future release. To do this:

  • create a new milestone and version e.g. we are releasing 2.0.0 now so create a new milestone in redmine for 2.0.0. Create the milestone here:

  • Now you need to update each open bug on the branch and reset its milestone for the next release in the future. This can be done easily doing a batch update in redmine.

Create the source tarball

This is best achieved by running this little script:

cd ~/QGIS
git archive --format=tar --prefix=qgis-2.0.0/ final-2_0_0 | \
bzip2 > /var/www/downloads/qgis-2.0.0.tar.bz2
md5sum /var/www/downloads/qgis-2.0.0.tar.bz2 > \


TODO: Add details here on how to generate the changelog.

Pro-forma call for packaging announcement


Hi All

Dear QGIS devs & packagers

--- Note to casual readers ---

Please do not pre-announce this release - give the packagers and release
team a chance to do their thing so that people hearing about the release
have a fair chance of finding a package, reading all our press material

--- End note ---

I have branched QGIS 2.0.0 for release. The branch can be checked out like
this (as a tracking branch)

git clone git://
git branch --track release-2_0 origin/release-2_0
git checkout release-2_0

Or (to check out the tag made immediately before branching)

git fetch
git checkout final-2.0.0

Source tarballs can be obtained from here:

Some notes:

- Please do not commit anything to the release branch except packaging
  related tweaks.
- If you make a package please be so kind as to update the download wiki
  page at with the details of your
- If you are able to make packages for unlisted platforms / distros please
  discuss your plans on this thread so that we can avoid duplication of
- I would like to make the release announcement next week, so it will be
  great to have as many packages as possible ready by then.
- GIT master is open again for general commits - please seek guidance from
  Marco Hugentobler (PSC Code Manager) if you are planning any major code
- Please accompany any updates to core with unit tests!

Many thanks to all the developers, testers, bug fixers, bug reporters,
document writers, translators and users that help to make QGIS a reality!

Lastly can I call on the release team (or any interested people) to help
to put together visual changelog (link below), press announcements etc.
ready for the release date? I will send you an email when the packages are
ready and you can start broadcasting announcements.

Visual Changelog Wiki Page:
(this is the site for drafting the release, the final release content will
be on the official QGIS web site).

Best regards

Windows Binary upload

Put the binary onto the server:

cd /osgeo/download/qgis/win32/
md5sum QGIS-2.0.0-0-No-GrassSetup.exe > QGIS-2.0.0-0-No-GrassSetup.exe.md5

Now do a virus check on it. First make a note of the url:

Now go to GarysHood online virus checker or similar to double check the binary is virus free:

Gary Shood Virus Checker

Announcing the release

Note you can get stats for the previous release like with "awstats":*-Setup.exe&urlfilterex=&output=urldetail&config=qgis&framename=mainright&month=all&year=2011

IRC TOPIC update

Tim or Gary can update the IRC topic using this procedure:

/msg chanserv op #qgis
/topic #qgis to: !!QGIS "Dufoor" 2.0.1 released Sept 2013! - || Logs: || All activity on this channel is logged !!

Update Version Text File

The file accessed from the Help ‣ Check QGIS Version menu is located at This should be updated to reflect the current release.

Create an announcement template

An announcement template will save you retypping the same text at the various places of announcement. The following text can be used as a basis:

A Generic release subject

Announcing the release of QGIS 2.0.0 (unstable release).

A generic 20 word summary

QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System that
runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows.

A mailing list announcement

We are very pleased to announce the release of QGIS 2.0.0 'Dufour'. This
release contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over
QGIS 1.0.x and QGIS 1.8.x

Binary and source code packages are available at:

If there is not yet a package for your platform on the above page, please
check back regularly as packagers are still pushing out their work and
they will update the download page to reflect the new packages. Along
with the release of QGIS 2.0.0, the QGIS Community Team is hard at work
on an updated QGIS Users' Guide version 2.0.0. The guide will be available
in the near future - we will post announcements when it is available.

A word of thanks to our contributors, donors and sponsors

QGIS is a largely volunteer driven project, and is the work of a dedicated
team of developers, documenters and supporters. We extend our thanks and
gratitude for the many, many hours people have contributed to make this
release happen. Many companies and organisations contribute back
improvements to QGIS when they use it as their platform, and we are
grateful for this and encourage others to do the same! We would also like
to thank our sponsors and donors for helping to promote our work through
their financial contributions.
Our *current* sponsors are:

Silver Sponsor

 - State of Vorarlberg ( - Austria, November 2011)

Bronze Sponsors

 - Argusoft ( - Germany, June 2012)
 - GeoSynergy ( - Australia, May 2012)
 - ibW Bildungszentrum Wald ( - Switzerland,
   March 2012)
 - City of Uster ( - Switzerland, November 2011)

*QGIS Sponsorship is valid for one year.*

A current list of donors who have made contributions large and small to
the project can be seen here:

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor our project, please visit QGIS is Free software and you are
under no obligation to do so.

Visual tour of the new release:

You can find a list of highlighted changes and new features listed on the
detailed release announcement available here:

New features with this release:

Happy QGIS'ing!

The QGIS Team!

A generic product description

QGIS (QGIS) is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System
(GIS) that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows. QGIS supports
vector, raster, and database formats. QGIS is licensed under the GNU
General Public License. QGIS lets you browse and create map data on your
computer. It supports many common spatial data formats (e.g. ESRI
ShapeFile, geotiff). QGIS supports plugins to do things like display
tracks from your GPS. QGIS is Open Source software and its free of cost.

A generic features list