Requirements for new contributors

We welcome new contributors to our community - we want you to use QGIS as a platform for doing your work - and we believe that QGIS is a great platform for that. In order to contribute code, patches, or documentation to the QGIS project, all developers/team members must:

  • Abide by the Social Contract.

  • Be familiar with the development process and the reference material available in the Development Corner, and the CODING document in the root of the QGIS Sources.

  • Ensure that all code committed to the repository is unencumbered and compatible with the QGIS license, GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2 or any later version.

  • Not use or include any code that will cause a trademark or patent infringement. If you are unsure, ask on the developer mailing list or contact a Project Steering Committee member.

  • Join the qgis-developer mailing list and contribute to discussions

  • These requirements apply to both developers desiring commit privileges and those that submit patches.

  • Read and agree to the Code of Conduct.

  • Read and agree to the Coding Standards.

  • Read and agree to the Diversity statement.

  • Agree to these requirements by sending an email to the qgis-developer mailing list stating agreement.