如果你是 QGIS 的粉絲,你也許會想要逛逛商店買些紀念品來展示你最歡的桌面 QGIS 軟體。我們有一些很棒的 t-shirts、馬克杯、帽衫、帽子等商品,所以逛逛下面列的商店吧!

QGIS mugs

Buying QGIS apparel not only lets you show off the fact that you use QGIS, for every t-shirt sold a commission is given to the QGIS project.

QGIS tshirt


We co-operate with Spreadshirt. They produce locally and ship the products to all countries in the world.

QGIS Hoodie

Some more creative and funny (but unofficial) designs can be found in the Red Bubble store.