Platformun için QGIS indir

Binary packages (installers) are available from this page.

Güncel QGIS sürümü 3.22.1 'Białowieża' ve 19.11.2021 tarihinde yayınlandı.

The long-term repositories currently offer QGIS 3.16.14 'Hannover'.

QGIS is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

QGIS in OSGeo4W (recommended for regular users):
  • OSGeo4W Network Installer

Yükleyici seçinExpress Install ve seçin QGIS to install the latest release or QGIS LTR to install the long term release.
The express installations have several optional packages including non-free software. To avoid those you have to use the Gelişmiş Kurulum and choose qgis and/or qgis-ltr in the desktop section.

NOTE FOR EXISTING USERS: OSGeo4W v2 (previously known as testing) is now the regular repository. The latest QGIS release is only available here, as it already requires dependencies not available in the old repository. The long term release is additionally also available in the old repository using the same dependencies as before (see below). This also includes a 32-bit version, which OSGeo4W v2 does not support.
CAUTION: Upgrades of old setups using the new repository are not supported. You need to do a fresh install or use a different directory.
CAUTION: Windows 7 no longer works as we are now using Python 3.9, which dropped support for it.

Standalone installers (MSI) from OSGeo4W packages (recommended for new users)
Latest release (richest on features):
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.22
  • sha256
Long term release (most stable):
  • QGIS Standalone Installer Version 3.16
  • sha256

Note that the MSI installers are much bigger than the previous installers. This is because they include significant larger packages (eg. PROJ 8). The main reason for the switch to MSI were the size limits previously used NSIS has, which was blocking updates of dependencies.

Long-term release in old OSGeo4W (continued with previous dependencies):
  • OSGeo4W Ağ Yükleyicisi (64 bit)
  • OSGeo4W Ağ Yükleyicisi (32 bit)

Yükleyici seçinGelişmiş Kurulum ve seçin qgis-ltr-full to install the long term release.
Packages for the latest release and nightly thereof and master are discontinued in old OSGeo4W.
This installer also allows installing QGIS without non-free software

Standalone installer for long term release (continued with dependencies from old OSGeo4W):
  • QGIS Tek Başına Yükleyici sürüm 3.16 (64 bit)
  • sha256
  • QGIS Tek Başına Yükleyici sürüm 3.16 (32 bit)
  • sha256

Official All-in-one, signed installers

Mac Installer Packages for macOS High Sierra (10.13) and newer.

QGIS is not yet notarized as required by macOS Catalina (10.15) security rules. On first launch, please right-click on the QGIS app icon, hold down the Option key, then choose Open.

Latest release (richest on features):
  • QGIS macOS Installer Version 3.22
Long term release (most stable):
  • QGIS macOS Installer Version 3.16

Alternative build

Mac Installer Packages for macOS High Sierra (10.13) and newer.

Installation instructions are in the Read Me on the disk image. GDAL and Python (both included on the disk image) are installed separately and outside the QGIS app so they are usable on their own. These packages use the Python 3 - other distributions are not supported.

  • macOS Installers

GNU/Linux ikili paketlerinin (rpm ve deb) ya da yazılım depolarının (kurulum yöneticinize eklemek için) bir çoğu mevcuttur. Lütfen aşağıdan datığımınızı seçiniz:

Linux Kurulum Talimatları

The QGIS experience does not stop on the desktop. Various touch optimized apps allow you to take QGIS into the field

Third-party touch optimized apps

QField for QGIS (formerly QGIS for Android)
Get it on Google Play Get it for Windows Get it on GitHub
Input (available for Android, iOS and Windows devices)
Get it on Google Play Get it for Windows Get it on GitHub
IntraMaps Roam
Get it for Windows Get it on GitHub

QGIS for Android

An old and deprecated not touch optimised release of QGIS for Android can be found inTüm indirmeler

Tüm indirmeler

Daha çok QGIS kararlı paketi ve QGIS geliştirmesini bulabilirsiniz Tüm indirmeler.

Veri Kümeleri

Deneme ve öğrenme için, örnek veri seti mevcut, farklı kaynaklardan gelen ve farklı biçimlerde veri koleksiyonları ihtiva etmektedir.

Previous releases of QGIS are still available burası - including older releases for OS X burası.

More older releases are available burası ve for OS X burası.

QGIS için eklentiler mevcutburası.

QGIS şu lisansın altında dağıtılan açık kaynak bir yazılımdır: GNU Genel Kamu Lisansı kaynak kodu tar ya da git veri havuzundan indirebilirsiniz anlamına gelir.

QGIS Kaynak Kodu kullanılabilir Burası (en son sürüm) ve Burası (uzun vadeli sürüm)

Farklı platformlarda, nasıl kaynaktan QGIS derleneceğini görmek için KURULUM kılavuzuna bakın: burası

Note that you can also install the development version (nightly) via an installer from the normal downloads for your platform: burası

QGIS için eklentiler mevcutburası.