Before you start

Before you head off to join up with your chose support group, we would like to mention a few guidelines for participating in our community:

Stay on topic

This forum is for sharing ideas, tools, tutorials, case studies, and questions related only to the use of QGIS (and related tools) in various fields. It is not for discussions about GIS in general or unrelated software (GIS or otherwise).


As we are a global group, all posts must be in English (unless the group you join is language specific). If you have a post in another language, please provide a translated description.


Posts about platforms, products, and services not pertaining to QGIS or not incorporating QGIS as part of a broader offering are not allowed.


Companies or individuals posting products and services about QGIS are welcome (this does not mean endorsement) as long as they contribute meaningfully to the discourse, such as by answering questions. Excessive self-promotion will be considered spam.


Be clear and objective. Try to include screenshots. Show effort by consulting the official QGIS documentation. For example, show that you have already reviewed the documentation, searched Google, asked ChatGPT etc. Mark issues as solved once they are resolved so that people do not spend effort on your problem unnecessarily.


We have recently started a discourse forum for QGIS related support. Over time we expect to move more if our community support activities to this area. The discourse forums are available on the OSGEO hosted discourse page.

Mailing Lists

QGIS has various mailing lists for discussing QGIS related topics. See Mailing lists.

If you are going to ask questions please read this: How to ask a QGIS question?.


You can ask quesstions on GIS StackExchange. If you use the tag qgis you’ll see all QGIS related questions and answers:

Communication channels


There is a vibrant user and community related chat group (english spoken) on the Telegram channel, which you can join here.

To join: install Telegram on your phone, register and join via the link above.

There is also a web version ( which you can join in the browser (after you have joined telegram via your phone number).

Matrix / IRC

Matrix ( is a project for decentralised chat. QGIS has a room which is accessible at the alias (among others) which bridges to the #qgis IRC channel.

To use Matrix: create an account (at is easiest, but if you have an OSGeo account you can also use your OSGeo id as matrix id), install a client (Element is easiest, but see for more), or point your browser to

To use IRC: install an IRC client and connect to irc:// or point your browser to


For Facebook users, an english-speaking global community group for QGIS users can be found at

User Groups

Local QGIS user groups are a great place to meet other users.

See User Groups to read more about local user groups.

Security Vulnerability Reporting

If you believe you have found a security issue, such as vulnerabilities in QGIS or its dependencies, please refer to the security page for detailed information on how to report it responsibly.