Költségtérítés a fejlesztői találkozókhoz

The QGIS project holds twice-yearly developer meetings, typically somewhere in Europe. The purpose of the meetings is to provide face-to-face time for developers. It is a forum for presenting new ideas, planning, putting heads together to solve problems and so on. We use funding from our Sustaining Membership Program Overview to facilitate the event, with co-funding from the host who usually supplies the venue and the infrastructure for hosting the meeting. Individual developers also co-fund the event by donating their time and in many cases financially supporting their visit to the meeting directly.

Visszatérítést szeretne a QGIS HF költségekre?

  1. If you are a contributor to the project (to either code, documentation, translation, or infrastructure), you think your participation to the HF will be useful for the project, and you do not have funds to cover for travelling and lodging, you can apply for refund, at least 40 days in advance

  2. When applying, please let us know (i) an estimate of the total amount required, and (ii) how your participation will contribute to QGIS

  3. Later applications (<40 days) will be taken into account, based on the budget available and the priorities of the PSC

  4. Kérjük vegye figyelembe, hogy a pénzalapjaink korlátozottak, így általában nem tudunk visszatérítést adni az összes részvevőnek

  5. Core devs (anyone with direct commit rights to the repository) and psc members will have priority on the allocation of funds

  6. At least 30 days in advance, PSC will communicate a decision to all those who applied

  7. The refund will be sent to your bank account after the HF, on the basis of the bills actually paid and sent to our Treasurer.

Kétség esetén

The project steering committee shall provide arbitration for any query, complaint or appeal relating to funding requests by individual developers. In the event that the PSC is called apon to arbitrate, a resolution shall be proposed and the PSC members shall vote using the -1 / 0 / +1 system to indicate dissent, indifference and assent respectively. In the event of a tie-break, the PSC Chairman shall make the final decision. The decision made by the PSC shall be final.