Resumen del programa de patrocinio

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring the QGIS project should contact the QGIS treasurer, Andreas Neumann (, with questions, requests for sponsorship invoices or to make arrangements.

QGIS is an entirely Open Source project. QGIS development is carried out largely by a group of volunteers, that in time have built up a large, valuable and useful code base, free to use and improve for everybody. As a result, you have free access to the source code and binaries that we provide on our web site. As a result of this volunteer approach, a number of tasks, less interesting or important for the developers, are sometimes left behind. In addition, promoting QGIS requires our participation at congresses and conferences and the production of information material, sometimes very expensive for volunteer developers.

Meanwhile, many organizations have made an investment in using QGIS as part of their operations, but have not had a way to directly contribute to the success and long-term health of the project.

We would like to extend our activities and improve the quality of QGIS. Your financial contribution will support the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of QGIS. Sponsorship is not a way for individuals to control the development of the project, but rather a way of ensuring the longevity and overall health of the project.

Con sus donaciones somos capaces de:

  • fund developer meetings, starting from that in Vienna, autumn 2009. Users donations contributed effectively to the great success of the meetings, allowing us to fund travel and accommodation costs of key developers
  • apoya la correción de fallos pre-lanzamiento, de manera que mejore la confiabilidad de cada nueva versión de QGIS.

Cómo puedes apoyar el Desarrollo QGIS

Existen dos clases de contribuciones financieras, aceptamos:

  • patrocinios: un patrocinio es un compromiso anual de fondos para el proyecto.
  • donaciones: una donación es una contribución que se realiza una vez al proyecto QGIS.


Sponsors can sponsor QGIS for any amount of money of at least 500 €/700 US$. Sponsorships last one year, after which they may be continued with a new payment, or allowed to lapse. At or above the following levels a sponsor will be designated as being one of the following class:

euros nivel de patrocinio
27,000+ Patrocinador Platino
9,000+ Patrocinador Oro
3,000+ Patrocinador Plata
500+ Patrocinador Bronce


Donations can be of any amount, via Paypal or through our bank account (information available at Donations page). Even a small donation can make a difference and help to reach important project goals!

Si desea enviarnos un donación mayor, le animamos a que use una cuenta de banci en vez de Paypal.

Las donaciones a QGIS son deducibles de impuestos en varios países. Por favor diríjase a su oficina local de impuestos para detalles.

Cuál es el beneficio de patrocinar el Desarrollo de QGIS?

Patrocinar el proyecto QGIS provee los siguientes beneficios:

  • Asegura la sostenibilidad y salud del proyecto QGIS.
  • Todos los patrocinadores serán listados en la página de patrocinio del proyecto, ordenados por la clase de contribución (Platino, Oro, Plata, Bronce) con un enlace hacia el patrocinador.
  • Los patrocinadores Platino tendrán su logo colocado en un letrero giratorio sobre la página inicial de
  • Los Patrocinadores Oro se listarán en la página de patrocinadores con un logo grande (e.g. 300x200px)
  • Los Patrocinadores Plata se listarán en la página de patrocinadores con un logo de tamaño medio (e.g. 150x100px)
  • Los Patrocinadores Bronce se listarán en la página de patrocinadores con un logo de tamaño pequeño (e.g. 64x64px)
  • Los patrocinadores se listarán en la sección delantera del manual QGIS
  • Sponsors will be allowed to use a special version of the QGIS logo on their web site and promotional materials, which shows they are a sponsor of the QGIS project
  • No se colocará ninguna propaganda dentro de la aplicación QGIS.

Los donantes serán listados en la página Patrocinadores y Donantes, pero no reciben los beneficios adicionales listados arriba para los patrocinadores.

Cómo usamos el apoyo financiero?

The sponsorship funds will be spent to directly improve the code base of the project, to fund tasks that generally receive less attention from developers, and to fund work on peripheral project tasks so that core contributors can focus efforts on QGIS improvements. As an example, we would like to fund the following project activities:

  • financiar desarrolladores para trabajar en aspectos específicos de QGIS incluyendo la implementación de nuevas características y el arreglo de fallos
  • two QGIS Developer Meeting per year, where we can meet in person and brainstorm, fix bugs and hold a week of intensive QGIS development work. Most QGIS developers will happily donate their time to such events, but we are looking for sponsors to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for these events
  • attendance to other conferences. There are several high profile conferences held each year (such as the, and we would like to be able to fund QGIS team members to represent QGIS at important conferences, to promote it among users and raise interest and solicit code contributions from other developers

La decisiones sobre el gasto de los fondos de patrocinio serán realizadas por el Comité Director del Proyecto QGIS.


We regret that we cannot accept “earmarked” funding as it creates many administrative issues. If you are interested in funding specific aspects of QGIS development, we encourage you to allocate additional human resources to the project, e.g. hiring a developer, or participating to our bug fixing initiative.


Acceptance of sponsorship offers is at the discretion of the QGIS PSC. We reserve the right to decline offers of sponsorship if the sponsoring organisation or party seems to be at odds with the ethos of our project. For example offers from marketing companies that have nothing to do with GIS / spatial services, or offers where we have reason to believe the presence of the sponsors logo and marketing materials on our site and other materials will degrade the experience of our users will be declined.