Standard agreement for QGIS Gold Sponsors

Sponsors who contribute an amount exceeding 9,000 euros (13,000 USD) will be denoted ‘Gold Sponsor’ status.

A gold sponsor will receive the following recognition within the various media produced by the QGIS project:

  • In the Help -> QGIS Sponsors dialog
  • In the Help -> About dialog contributors and sponsors are listed
  • On our web site at
  • A rotating banner on the front of which links over to the sponsor’s page
  • Place on our official poster
  • Place on our official flyers
  • Place on an inside dedicated page in the manual (cover to remain clean QGIS branding)
  • Place on our downloads page
  • Place on our tracker front page
  • Tagline space at the bottom of every email sent via our email lists
  • Place on release announcements

Limitations for Sponsors

As a gold sponsor we feel it only fair that you receive conspicuous recognition for your contribution to the project and we will do this to the best of our abilities.

However there are some restrictions, both from a practical and an ethical point of view of what we can offer that have some bearing on your draft document.

QGIS has a policy of providing a ‘clean application’. Over the years we have had a great many contributors to the project, both in their personal and in an institutional capacity. From time to time we get requests to include logos, about dialogs etc within the application to recognise these contributions. As you can well imagine, if we agreed to every one of these, the application would be extremely cluttered and visually noisy. Instead we try to offer a number of centralised places where these contributors can be acknowledged, as listed above.