What is the PSC

Current members of the (Project Steering Committee) PSC can be found here

Term of PSC members

The PSC seats are non-expiring. PSC members may resign their position, or be asked to vacate their seat after a unanimous vote of no confidence from the remaining PSC members.

Member’s roles within the PSC

The PSC consists of 8 identified roles as follows:

  • Chair

    To support the activities and present a public face to the project. To issue press releases, conduct interviews, collaborate with PSC members and provide stability and guidance to the project.

  • Community Adviser

    To further building of relations with the community. To ensure smooth running of the QGIS.org online experience including web sites, blog, mailing lists, forums etc. To achieve these aims he / she will recruit and advise ‘managers’ to curate these individual online services and provide oversight for their activities.

  • Technical Adviser

    To provide oversight and guidance to the development effort. This will include recruiting and facilitating ‘managers’ for discrete areas of the code based (core, gui, plugins, providers, tests) who will ensure consistency and quality of code added into the SVN code repository.

  • Financial and Marketing advisor

    To provide reporting and explore avenues of revenue for the QGIS project. To interface with business to secure funding for future efforts. To identify areas where funding is needed and put into place actions to secure this funding. To keep track of funding as managed by OSGeo. To present the PSC with financial options for any initiative requiring funding.

  • Release Manager

    To oversee timely, regular, stable releases of QGIS on the various supported platforms. With the PSC, determine timelines for freezes, releases, and general release and maintenance policies. Recruit and support build managers to create packages for supported platforms.

  • Design Advisor

    To oversee activities related to QGIS branding, including logo, user experience, icons, and other graphic elements common to both the application and the project’s web presence.

  • Infrastructure Manager

    Manage and oversee the QGIS project infrastructure, including servers, websites, source control, and issue tracking. Make recommendations for improvements, expansion, and consolidation of services. Guide and direct volunteers

  • Testing and QA Manager

    To oversee the development of a Quality Assurance framework infrastructure within QGIS so that we may present the best possible version of QGIS to the world at large. The remit includes development of a comprehensive unit testing framework, curation of the issue tracker, improving API documentationm API consistency and generally supporting and promoting the improvement of quality within the project.

Candidacy for the PSC

All members have equal standing and voice in the PSC. To be eligible for membership in the PSC, a person should have a demonstrated and substantial involvement in QGIS.

Election process for PSC members

Anyone is eligible to be nominated to the QGIS PSC. Ideally nominees would be QGIS users or developers and have an understanding of GIS and the goals of the QGIS project. In addition, nominees should meet the qualifications set forth in this document. Anyone can submit a nomination.

To nominate someone:

  • Nominator checks with the nominee to make sure they are willing to serve on the PSC and commit to the goals and duties described in this document
  • Nominator submits the nomination via email to the PSC mailing list.
  • The subject line of your email must be Nomination for QGIS PSC
  • Nominations without the correct subject line will be rejected
  • Nominations without complete information will be rejected

Complete information includes:

  • Full name of the nominator
  • Email address of the nominator
  • Full name of the nominee
  • Email address of the nominee
  • Justification why the person should be a member of the PSC. This can be just a sentence or two in length.

The PSC contacts the nominee to confirm their willingness to serve and their name is added to the list of nominees. You must submit all the information in item 4 for the nomination to be accepted.

Expectations of PSC members

  • Be willing to commit to the QGIS development effort
  • Be responsive to requests for information from fellow members
  • Be able and willing to attend online meetings
  • Act in the best interests of the project

Role of the PSC

The PSC is intended to:

  • Provide guidance to the general direction of the project
  • Provide a central point of contact for the project
  • Ensure that the various expectations placed on the project by its members and the users of QGIS are met to the best degree possible
  • Vote on issues relating to project governance
  • Arbitrate disputes
  • Deal with confidential and legal matters that may arise
  • Provide a stable base of ‘institutional knowledge’ to the project

The PSC is not:

  • A legal entity
  • Intended to deal with minutae of the project (these should be delegated to trusted members)