Training material

In this directory page, you can get listed if you provide FREE training material for QGIS.

The general idea is to be able to (re)use material from each other.

Educators are encouraged to use/mix/add material to the QGIS Training Manual.

Please write to if you want to have something added here. Or you edit this page on Github and do a pull request.


The official Training Manual can be found here:

Tutorial material, originally written in English and translated in over 15 languages. (Produced and maintained by Ujaval Gandhi)

Tutorial material, originally developed as part of a workshop for the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program at Texas A&M University (produced and maintained by Mike Treglia):

In-person training material, originally developed for the New York City Department of Transportation by Datapolitan:

Online course material for QGIS training developed and maintained by Spatial Thoughts. Available for self-study and adaptation by other trainers:

Brazilian Portuguese

Roberto Ilacqua wrote a manual for image classification in QGIS: Manual do QGIS para Classificação Supervisionada de Áreas, full version, 200 p - 2017 or Manual do QGIS para Classificação Supervisionada de Áreas (short version), short version, 34 p - 2017.


The French Ministry of Environment supports the QGIS project. Training material from them is available here:

Other resources from them are available here:

The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), created an online QGIS tutorial:


HSR material:


QGIS for beginners:

QGIS for advanced users: