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Wie kann ich eine QGIS-Frage stellen?

If you are going to ask QGIS related question via the mailing lists, please provide enough information to help others easily understand what your problem is. Without a clear and precise question, it is very hard to answer for anybody or takes just too much time because the answer will be a question to you etc etc. You may provide information such as:

  • bevorzugt E-Mails mit einem aussagekräftigen Betreff
  • Welche QGIS-Version sie gerade benutzen (genau)
  • Was erwarten Sie zu bekommen
  • if applicable, what have you tried and the result you got
  • if your question is about something broken, you may also provide:
    • what exactly is the error (if possible: screendump, stacktrace, copy of error text)
    • Welches Betriebsystem mit Version
    • Wie Sie es installiert haben (OSGeo4W, Standalone? Selbst kompiliert?)
    • at what time did it break (reinstall, new install, system update, project changes)

Keep in mind that the more precise is your question, the quicker and more accurate can be the answer.


In case of a broken function, you may give a look at QGIS issue tracker before mailing to the list. More information at Fehler, Funktionen und Probleme.

How are QGIS release names selected?

After a succesfull developer meeting in Zurich (Switzerland), we decided that the next release should be related to it. Since then, all releases have been named after locations of our developer meetings.

How to cite QGIS?

To cite QGIS in your piece of work, or for an assignment, this general citation might be helpful: „QGIS Development Team (YEAR). QGIS Geographic Information System. Open Source Geospatial Foundation Project. http://qgis.osgeo.org“.

Kann ich ECW-Dateien mit QGIS öffnen?

Ja, können Sie… aber abhängig von Ihrem Betriebssystem ist es mehr oder weniger schwierig.

If you are under Windows and are using the OSGeo4w installer, it is included.

If you are using OS X, you can find the ECW plugin and install instructions at http://www.kyngchaos.com/software/frameworks

Für andere Beschreibungen gucken Sie z.B. hier http://www.faunalia.com/content/adding-ecw-support-quantum-gis


Can I compile QGIS myself?

Yes, compiling QGIS from source is possible whatever OS you use (Windows, OS X, Linux). Please read Building QGIS from source