Llistes de correu

QGIS té un grapat de llistes de correu. Consulteu Mailing lists per veure les diferents llistes disponibles.

Si voleu fer una consulta llegiu això: Com fer una pregunta QGIS?.


On you can ask QGIS questions also. If you use the tag qgis you’ll see all QGIS related questions and answers:

Communication channels


There is a lot of user and community related chat (english spoken) on the Telegram channel you can join here:

To join: install Telegram on your phone, register and join via link above.

There is also a web version ( which you can join in the browser (after you joined telegram via your phone(number)).

Matrix / IRC

Matrix ( is a project for decentralised chat. QGIS has a room accessible by the alias (among others) which bridges to the #qgis IRC channel.

To use Matrix: create an account (at is easiest, but if you have an OSGeo account you can also use your OSGeo id as matrix id), install a client (Elements is easiest, but see for more), OR point your browser to

To use IRC: install an IRC client and connect to irc:// or point your browser to


For Facebook users, an english-speaking global community group for QGIS users can be found at

Grups d’usuaris

Local QGIS user groups are a great place to meet other users.

See Grups d’usuaris to read about it.

Seu web

The website should be used to publish any material in relation to the information and management of the user group. Examples include the user meetings, case study, shared material, discussion boards, etc. Public material should be available without login requirements (e.g. do not require interested people to be a member of a social media network like Facebook or Google+). Usage of social media is recommended but should not be the only channel of information. RSS feeds should be made available at the Website of the QGIS user group.

Good luck with the organization of your local user group. Please inform the international QGIS team by registering at the QGIS community list and reporting about your progress. Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the establishment and maintenance of your local user group.

Issue Tracker

If you want to file bugs or issues, see Errors, Característiques i Consultes.

Suport comercial

You can also get support from companies near you, please visit this page: Suport comercial.