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Create maps

Explore QGIS's exceptional cartographic design features to craft outstanding maps for desktop, mobile, cloud, and print media.

Class-leading cartography

Experience QGIS's extensive set of design options to bring your maps to life.

Professional map production

Use the intuitive layout designer to produce high-quality, large-format print maps.

Powerful reporting tools

Create atlases and reports including maps and tabular content.

Edit layers

Harness the unmatched capabilities of powerful digitizing and construction tools.

Exceptional digitizing proficiency

Craft and edit points, lines, polygons, and meshes with precision.

Advanced construction tools

Build geometries with curves, CAD-like tools, and an extensive range of geometry transformations.

Highly customizable forms

Create user-friendly forms using our form designer.

Process and analyze

Benefit from state-of-the-art analysis tools seamlessly integrated into our toolbox.

Comprehensive analysis toolset

Uncover insights from your data with our comprehensive array of analysis tools.

Automated analysis workflows

Visually combine analysis tools to create easily reproducible workflows.

Extensible analysis environment

Explore a diverse ecosystem of third-party analysis tools for expanded capabilities.

Share maps

QGIS provides an equal-access platform for everyone to share their results.

Industry-leading format support

Conquer data integration challenges with support for various data sources and formats.

Standards and interoperability

Amplify your impact by exploring, utilizing, and creating web services based on industry standards.

Publish your work

Extend QGIS to the cloud and mobile devices for wider accessibility.

Explore QGIS

👋 The power of an open source community

Our community development model gives everyone a way to shape the future of QGIS according to their needs.

  • Join our annual international conference to explore the future of GIS.
  • Find local user groups and support providers.
  • Learn how people around the world are solving problems with QGIS.
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QGIS is a public project hosted on, licensed under GNU GPLv2+, owned by its contributors.

Because of our license, QGIS is Free and Open Source software, forever.

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