10th QGIS Developer Meeting in Brighton

The 10th QGIS Developer Meeting from 12 - 16 September 2013 was organised by Lutra Consulting and held at University of Sussex in Brighton, Great Britain. The University sponsored the venue and internet access. We are extremely grateful to them for organising and helping us to make the whole event went very smoothly.

We also want to thank our gold sponsor ASIA AIR SURVEY, our silver sponsors G.A.I.A. mbH, and State of Vorarlberg, the German FOSSGIS e.V. for sponsoring this event explicitly with 1500 Euros and the many people who have donated sums large and small to the QGIS project.

The money from donations was put to very good use funding the travel, accomodation and eating of most of the participants of the developer meeting. We would like to thank the virtual particpants present on IRC, the developer meeting was all the better for having your comments, testing and insights.

Group picture

Summary of what happened at the hackfest

Firstly we should mention, that the greatest part of the time was spent in discussions. Meeting face to face gives us an opportunity to discuss the minutae of the project in a way that is imply not possible in our virtual discussions. The discussions also gave us a good chance to plan what should be the priorities after the major release of QGIS 2.0. More details on that further down. We had 46 people attending (though not all could be here for the full duration). They have been working on a wide variety of topics, e.g.:

  • Richard Duivenvoorde: Website
  • Jürgen Fischer: Packaging 2.0.1
  • Marco Bernasocchi: Android 2.0.1 + Python on Android
  • Mathias Walker: Datasource Importer Plugin
  • Ko Nagase: Documentation Japanese translation
  • Matthias Kuhn: Socializing
  • Denis Rouzaud: Edit type for geometric relation, layer/field combo manager
  • Werner Macho: Plugin, socializing, Website
  • Andreas Neumann: QGIS Web Client
  • Raymond Nijssen: Website
  • Hugo Mercier: 3D, socializing
  • Vincent Mora: 3D, socializing
  • Marco Hugentobler: DXF export, server, pull request
  • Jeff Johnson: Website, Django site/plugins
  • Alessandro Pasotti: Plugin repository
  • Kamran Heidari: Hackfest support
  • Borys Jurgiel: Plugin manager
  • Luiz Motta: Plugins
  • Drazen Odobrasic: localization
  • Carlos Lopej: Spanish translation, 2.0 performance tests
  • Victor Olaya: Refactoring Processing
  • Lars Lingner: QGIS webgis client
  • Tim Sutton: QTiles hacking, documentation, project steering, mingling
  • Anita Graser: new splash, project steering, tweeting, workshop preparation, mingling
  • Astrid Emde: Documentation
  • Larissa Junek: Documentation
  • Otto Dassau: Documentation, Project steering
  • Luca Casagrande: 3DJS integration
  • Paolo Cavallini: Documentation of Processing, workshop preparation, messing around
  • Luigi Pirelli: WMS tile retry, WMS GetLegendGraphic integration, OSGeo4W packaging
  • Matteo Gismondo: Molusce presentation, translation (JP, IT, FR), website translation
  • Yves Jacolin: Documentation, QGIS server testing
  • Stephane Brunner: QGIS server improvmentfor our web geoportail
  • Taro Matsuzawa: PyQGIS developer cookbook translation JP
  • Hal Seki: Website translation JP, patched webiste javascript
  • Yoichi Kayama: New website translation JP, document translation JP
  • Diethard Jansen: QGIS-Mobility presentation, documentation

Experiences and plans for the next hackfest

The next hackfest is planned to be in spring 2014. We would like to encourage all developers and non developers to join the meeting because it was extremely useful having them in Brighton and there are many hackfest activities they can contribute with including documentation cleanups, translations, giving inputs to the user interface and user interaction ideas.