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_nmeaTIME Struct Reference

Date and time data. More...

#include <nmeatime.h>

Public Attributes

int year
 Years since 1900. More...
int mon
 Months since January - [0,11]. More...
int day
 Day of the month - [1,31]. More...
int hour
 Hours since midnight - [0,23]. More...
int min
 Minutes after the hour - [0,59]. More...
int sec
 Seconds after the minute - [0,59]. More...
int msec
 Thousandths part of second - [0,999]. More...

Detailed Description

Date and time data.

See also

Member Data Documentation

int _nmeaTIME::day

Day of the month - [1,31].

int _nmeaTIME::hour

Hours since midnight - [0,23].

int _nmeaTIME::min

Minutes after the hour - [0,59].

int _nmeaTIME::mon

Months since January - [0,11].

int _nmeaTIME::msec

Thousandths part of second - [0,999].

int _nmeaTIME::sec

Seconds after the minute - [0,59].

int _nmeaTIME::year

Years since 1900.

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