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QgsSvgSelectorDialog Class Reference

#include <qgssvgselectorwidget.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsSvgSelectorDialog (QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags fl=QgisGui::ModalDialogFlags, QDialogButtonBox::StandardButtons buttons=QDialogButtonBox::Close|QDialogButtonBox::Ok, Qt::Orientation orientation=Qt::Horizontal)
 Constructor for QgsSvgSelectorDialog. More...
 ~QgsSvgSelectorDialog ()
QDialogButtonBox * buttonBox ()
 Returns the button box. More...
QVBoxLayout * layout ()
 Returns the central layout. Widgets added to it must have this dialog as parent. More...
QgsSvgSelectorWidgetsvgSelector ()
 Returns pointer to the embedded SVG selector widget. More...

Protected Attributes

QDialogButtonBox * mButtonBox
QVBoxLayout * mLayout

Detailed Description

Definition at line 275 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsSvgSelectorDialog::QgsSvgSelectorDialog ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr,
Qt::WindowFlags  fl = QgisGui::ModalDialogFlags,
QDialogButtonBox::StandardButtons  buttons = QDialogButtonBox::Close | QDialogButtonBox::Ok,
Qt::Orientation  orientation = Qt::Horizontal 

Constructor for QgsSvgSelectorDialog.

Definition at line 541 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.cpp.

QgsSvgSelectorDialog::~QgsSvgSelectorDialog ( )

Definition at line 568 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QDialogButtonBox* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::buttonBox ( )

Returns the button box.

Definition at line 292 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

QVBoxLayout* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::layout ( )

Returns the central layout. Widgets added to it must have this dialog as parent.

Definition at line 289 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

QgsSvgSelectorWidget* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::svgSelector ( )

Returns pointer to the embedded SVG selector widget.

Definition at line 295 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

Member Data Documentation

QDialogButtonBox* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::mButtonBox

Definition at line 299 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

QVBoxLayout* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::mLayout

Definition at line 298 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

QgsSvgSelectorWidget* QgsSvgSelectorDialog::mSvgSelector

Definition at line 300 of file qgssvgselectorwidget.h.

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