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QgsMarkerSymbolV2 Class Reference

#include <qgssymbolv2.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsMarkerSymbolV2:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsMarkerSymbolV2 (QgsSymbolLayerV2List layers=QgsSymbolLayerV2List())
double angle ()
virtual QgsSymbolV2clone () const
void renderPoint (const QPointF &point, const QgsFeature *f, QgsRenderContext &context, int layer=-1, bool selected=false)
ScaleMethod scaleMethod ()
void setAngle (double angle)
void setScaleMethod (QgsSymbolV2::ScaleMethod scaleMethod)
void setSize (double size)
double size ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolV2
virtual ~QgsSymbolV2 ()
qreal alpha () const
 Get alpha transparency 1 for opaque, 0 for invisible. More...
bool appendSymbolLayer (QgsSymbolLayerV2 *layer)
 append symbol layer at the end of the list More...
QImage asImage (QSize size, QgsRenderContext *customContext=0)
QImage bigSymbolPreviewImage ()
bool changeSymbolLayer (int index, QgsSymbolLayerV2 *layer)
 delete layer at specified index and set a new one More...
QColor color () const
bool deleteSymbolLayer (int index)
 delete symbol layer at specified index More...
void drawPreviewIcon (QPainter *painter, QSize size, QgsRenderContext *customContext=0)
 Draw icon of the symbol that occupyies area given by size using the painter. More...
QString dump () const
bool insertSymbolLayer (int index, QgsSymbolLayerV2 *layer)
 insert symbol layer to specified index More...
const QgsVectorLayerlayer () const
QgsMapUnitScale mapUnitScale () const
QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit outputUnit () const
int renderHints () const
void setAlpha (qreal alpha)
 Set alpha transparency 1 for opaque, 0 for invisible. More...
void setColor (const QColor &color)
void setLayer (const QgsVectorLayer *layer)
void setMapUnitScale (const QgsMapUnitScale &scale)
void setOutputUnit (QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit u)
void setRenderHints (int hints)
void startRender (QgsRenderContext &context, const QgsFields *fields=0)
void stopRender (QgsRenderContext &context)
QgsSymbolLayerV2symbolLayer (int layer)
int symbolLayerCount ()
QgsSymbolLayerV2takeSymbolLayer (int index)
 remove symbol layer from the list and return pointer to it More...
void toSld (QDomDocument &doc, QDomElement &element, QgsStringMap props) const
SymbolType type () const
QSet< QString > usedAttributes () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsMarkerSymbolV2createSimple (const QgsStringMap &properties)
 Create a marker symbol with one symbol layer: SimpleMarker with specified properties. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolV2
static QgsSymbolV2defaultSymbol (QGis::GeometryType geomType)
 return new default symbol for specified geometry type More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsSymbolV2
enum  OutputUnit { MM = 0, MapUnit, Mixed, Pixel }
enum  RenderHint { DataDefinedSizeScale = 1, DataDefinedRotation = 2 }
enum  ScaleMethod { ScaleArea, ScaleDiameter }
enum  SymbolType { Marker, Line, Fill }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolV2
 QgsSymbolV2 (SymbolType type, QgsSymbolLayerV2List layers)
QgsSymbolLayerV2List cloneLayers () const
bool isSymbolLayerCompatible (SymbolType t)
 check whether a symbol layer type can be used within the symbol (marker-marker, line-line, fill-fill/line) More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsSymbolV2
qreal mAlpha
 Symbol opacity (in the range 0 - 1) More...
const QgsVectorLayermLayer
QgsSymbolLayerV2List mLayers
int mRenderHints
SymbolType mType

Detailed Description

Definition at line 223 of file qgssymbolv2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsMarkerSymbolV2::QgsMarkerSymbolV2 ( QgsSymbolLayerV2List  layers = QgsSymbolLayerV2List())

Definition at line 498 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double QgsMarkerSymbolV2::angle ( void  )

Definition at line 516 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

QgsSymbolV2 * QgsMarkerSymbolV2::clone ( ) const

Implements QgsSymbolV2.

Definition at line 600 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

QgsMarkerSymbolV2 * QgsMarkerSymbolV2::createSimple ( const QgsStringMap properties)

Create a marker symbol with one symbol layer: SimpleMarker with specified properties.

This is a convenience method for easier creation of marker symbols.

Definition at line 462 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

void QgsMarkerSymbolV2::renderPoint ( const QPointF &  point,
const QgsFeature f,
QgsRenderContext context,
int  layer = -1,
bool  selected = false 

Definition at line 582 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

QgsSymbolV2::ScaleMethod QgsMarkerSymbolV2::scaleMethod ( )

Definition at line 570 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

void QgsMarkerSymbolV2::setAngle ( double  angle)

Definition at line 505 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

void QgsMarkerSymbolV2::setScaleMethod ( QgsSymbolV2::ScaleMethod  scaleMethod)

Definition at line 561 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

void QgsMarkerSymbolV2::setSize ( double  size)

Definition at line 528 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

double QgsMarkerSymbolV2::size ( void  )

Definition at line 546 of file qgssymbolv2.cpp.

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