QGIS API Documentation  2.99.0-Master (08c2e66)
QgsFields Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsFields, including all inherited members.

allAttributesList() const QgsFields
append(const QgsField &field, FieldOrigin origin=OriginProvider, int originIndex=-1)QgsFields
appendExpressionField(const QgsField &field, int originIndex)QgsFields
at(int i) const QgsFields
begin() const noexceptQgsFields
constBegin() const noexceptQgsFields
constEnd() const noexceptQgsFields
count() const QgsFields
end() const noexceptQgsFields
exists(int i) const QgsFields
extend(const QgsFields &other)QgsFields
field(int fieldIdx) const QgsFields
field(const QString &name) const QgsFields
Field typedefQgsFields
fieldOrigin(int fieldIdx) const QgsFields
FieldOrigin enum nameQgsFields
fieldOriginIndex(int fieldIdx) const QgsFields
iconForField(int fieldIdx) const QgsFields
indexFromName(const QString &fieldName) const QgsFields
indexOf(const QString &fieldName) const QgsFields
isEmpty() const QgsFields
lookupField(const QString &fieldName) const QgsFields
operator QVariant() const QgsFieldsinline
operator!=(const QgsFields &other) const QgsFieldsinline
operator=(const QgsFields &other)QgsFields
operator==(const QgsFields &other) const QgsFields
operator[](int i) const QgsFields
operator[](int i)QgsFields
OriginEdit enum valueQgsFields
OriginExpression enum valueQgsFields
OriginJoin enum valueQgsFields
OriginProvider enum valueQgsFields
OriginUnknown enum valueQgsFields
QgsFields(const QgsFields &other)QgsFields
remove(int fieldIdx)QgsFields
size() const QgsFields
toList() const QgsFields