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QgsComposerLegendStyle Class Reference

Composer legend components style. More...

#include <qgscomposerlegendstyle.h>

Public Types

enum  Style {
  Undefined, Hidden, Title, Group,
  Subgroup, Symbol, SymbolLabel
enum  Side { Top = 0, Bottom = 1, Left = 2, Right = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 QgsComposerLegendStyle ()
 ~QgsComposerLegendStyle ()
QFont font () const
QFont & rfont ()
void setFont (const QFont &font)
double margin (Side side)
void setMargin (Side side, double margin)
void setMargin (double margin)
void writeXML (QString name, QDomElement &elem, QDomDocument &doc) const
void readXML (const QDomElement &elem, const QDomDocument &doc)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString styleName (Style s)
 Get name for style, used in project file. More...
static Style styleFromName (QString styleName)
 Get style from name, used in project file. More...
static QString styleLabel (Style s)
 Get style label, translated, used in UI. More...

Detailed Description

Composer legend components style.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsComposerLegendStyle::QgsComposerLegendStyle ( )
QgsComposerLegendStyle::~QgsComposerLegendStyle ( )

Member Function Documentation

QFont QgsComposerLegendStyle::font ( ) const
double QgsComposerLegendStyle::margin ( Side  side)
void QgsComposerLegendStyle::readXML ( const QDomElement &  elem,
const QDomDocument &  doc 
QFont& QgsComposerLegendStyle::rfont ( )
void QgsComposerLegendStyle::setFont ( const QFont &  font)
void QgsComposerLegendStyle::setMargin ( Side  side,
double  margin 
void QgsComposerLegendStyle::setMargin ( double  margin)
QgsComposerLegendStyle::Style QgsComposerLegendStyle::styleFromName ( QString  styleName)

Get style from name, used in project file.

QString QgsComposerLegendStyle::styleLabel ( Style  s)

Get style label, translated, used in UI.

QString QgsComposerLegendStyle::styleName ( Style  s)

Get name for style, used in project file.

void QgsComposerLegendStyle::writeXML ( QString  name,
QDomElement &  elem,
QDomDocument &  doc 
) const

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